We offer interest-free finance on private treatment over £250. Please ask your dentist or at reception for more details.

Emergency Treatment

Emergency Consultation,

to include any necessary X-rays, special tests, prescription, temporary filling (does not include any other treatment necessary e.g. extraction, recement crown etc).

Recement Crown £20
New post and crown recement £40
Emergency pulp/nerve removal £50
Removal loose tooth fragment £20
Extraction (see below)

Examination & Consultation

Routine examination/check-up £35
New patient examination/examination requiring treatment plan £50

All radiographs (X-rays) required for examinations and during treatment are included in these fees.

Routine Care

Amalgam (silver) filling From £60
Composite (white/tooth coloured) filling From £90
Composite inlay/onlay £400
Porcelain bonded crown £400
Gold crown/inlay/onlay £600
Emax (all ceramic) crown/inlay/onlay/veneer £600
Root canal treatment £150/canal
Cast gold post £150
Fibre reinforced composite post & core £110
Glass ionomer intermediate filling £70
Acrylic denture From £300
Partial flexi-denture From £450
Cobalt chrome dentures From £600
Soft bite raising appliance £80
Sports guard £100
Temporary diagnostic crown £100
Dental WHITE Home Tooth Whitening £300

Surgical Treatment

Simple extraction (per tooth) £60
Complex extraction £100
Surgical extraction £150

Periodontal Therapy

Root planning/hygiene £45-£60/session
Periochip Single £30

x3       £75

These fees reflect the higher cost of some private materials and extra time required for technique-sensitive procedures.

These fees are a guide and are not comprehensive. The dentist will give a detailed price estimate with any treatment plan.

Please click for here our policy on booking private appointments.